Credentials issued by DGS CANADA remain, at all times, the property of DGS Canada. In the event we are advised of infractions or habits that endanger the operator, and/or the health and welfare of employees, visitors, or any other individuals coming into the operator’s work area, we reserve the right to withdraw our Credentials and request re-testing before re-issuance at our discretion.

The operator agrees to these conditions by the use of DGS CANADA credentials, and understands that there are consequences to repeated infractions as reported by the employer or those in the work area.

In the event the credential holder has received warnings, and despite such warnings continues to use DGS CANADA credentials contrary to written instructions issued by DGS CANADA, DGS CANADA reserves the right to rescind such credentials and issue fines appropriate to the infractions reported in writing, by the Employer, and verified by DGS CANADA.

Credential holders must notify DGS CANADA in writing of any change of address during the credential validity period.

Mis-use of DGS CANADA credentials by any other party than the Credential Holder will bring legal action against all parties found responsible for fraudulent use of DGS CANADA credentials.

All legal actions by DGS CANADA are subject and subordinate to Federal and Provincial law.