“preferred by Canadian Employers.”

DGS CANADA offers the highest quality of Operator and Employee Training and Certification services on the market today. Since 2000, our experience and commitment to excellence have earned us a ‘world best’ reputation by our many corporate and individual customers. We hold membership in CFIB, as well as The Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals.

DGS CANADA also owns and controls all rights to the following .com entities:

  • Abbotsford Safety Institute
  • Calgary Safety Institute
  • Cornwall Safety Institute
  • Montreal Safety Institute
  • Regina Safety Institute
  • Richmond Safety Institute
  • Toronto Safety Institute
  • Vancouver Safety Institute
  • Winnipeg Safety Institute

Unpaid Safety Advisor Volunteers, such as Margaret Gauthier, J.R. Hamilton-Gault, Anna C. Braumberger, Erick J. Huselak, Timothy Evans and other dedicated Canadians, continue to add real and meaningful value to our continuing efforts in improving workplace safety uniformly across Canada.

Those who need help, advice, motivation, direction, or in anyway support, in their genuine desire to succeed, have only to ask. DGS CANADA is an organization based on providing professional training & certification credentials to those who seek employment or promotion. Any existing client who has taken one of our certificate courses is welcome to Free Resume Service, Free Employer Fax Transmissions, Free Motivation and Job Search Tips, and more.

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Instructors are available for training in most major cities across Canada Canada, subject to corporate volume requirements and scheduling. Volumes up to a maximum of 2,000 employees per quarter can be accommodated nationally. Ask for details from our Corporate Training Department.

Our Equipment DGS CANADA taking delivery of Yale SDCB Forklifts from Harding Forklift . They have an excellent reputation throughout British Columbia. Their website is www.hardingforklift.com and we recommend them highly. Aditionally, we use BobCat SkidSteer Equipment, JLG ScissorLifts, Yale Stand up Narrow Aisle Reach Units, and other first class equipment. All our equipment is fitted with fire extinguishers.

Language Support With English being the dominant world language, and millions of immigrants from China and other countries signing up for English language lessons, we primarily focus on English as the common language of widespread use in Canada. However, we also provide Forklift Course content in Chinese, as well as Russian. Spanish, being North America’s second biggest language is on the drawing board for the future.

French Canadian Canada is a rich multi-cultural landscape of cultures and other languages, though the great majority of Canadians speaking other languages, west of Quebec, are usually comfortably bilingual, thanks to the Federal Government’s assistance in the promotion of fluency in both official languages. Quebec would be a wonderful market for future training facilities, especially with the support of the Provincial Government in Quebec. We welcome any initiatives from the Province or Federal Government in helping develop schools and support staff in this important region of Eastern Canada. Stay tuned ….

Classroom Environment On the individual consumer level we offer free resume faxing, and meaningful job search tips, as well as free Tim Hortons breakfast and coffee. All Trade School students enjoy the use of our fully air conditioned facilities, leather chairs, big screen TV, and custom designed executive classrooms, as well as indoor warehouse facilities for those rainy Vancouver days when many other schools have you out in the rain and cold.

Message from the President Whether corporate, or individual, we want to improve your position. Trained/certified operators add value to any employer, by way of reduced accidents, more efficiency in the workplace, and eventually a better bottom line. DGS CANADA approved, certified operators, are viewed by many of our clients as valued team members