How to arrive at DGS Canada?


There was a time, not that many years ago, when high school or university graduates found the job market was less competitive, and employment much easier to get. Times were different then, and so was our view of education. Today, some university degrees or college certificate programs require large amounts of time and money to complete. With current government cutbacks and funding restrictions, the prospect of long term debt repayment of student loans is not as appealing as it was in the heady eighties and nineties of the last century. So how to respond to the need for more education when rising costs and less subsidies are available?

DGS CANADA, (DGS Diversified Group Services Ltd.), a licenced trade school in Surrey, (604) 888-3008, thinks they may have found a unique way to help those seeking employment or promotion, by providing low cost, certificate programs that employers find very useful. DGS’s instructors are experienced trained personnel with solid industry experience.  Everyone at DGS CANADA is excited about offering meaningful courses that help people enter the workplace.” Aside from roomy air conditioned offices, fresh coffee, tea, and Egg & Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches served every morning, we offer free professional resume preparation, free fax service to employers, and some of the highest quality training in North America.”

“DGS CANADA is known throughout the industry for it’s forklift training, but we also offer courses in Construction Safety,  Fall Protection, WHMIS, Warehouse Safety,Power Tools Safety, BobCat/SkidSteer Loaders, Aerial Lift/ Scissor Lift, Genie Boom Lift, Rough Terrain Construction Site Forklifts, and more”

jimJim Corbet, DGS CANADA’s president, told us there are other benefits.

“In some cases students are not always able to afford even lower cost courses like ours. “ We are sent students funded by Government Departments, as well as other agencies that want to help people improve their credentials and locate work.” 
“ Employers with both a regional and national presence have come to rely on DGS CANADA for the highest quality uniform training. Employers have a business to run, and know they can count on us to ensure all aspects of professional training are handled without worrying about compliance issues.”DGS CANADA trains, certifies, and re-certifies the who’s who of large national accounts, as well as small 5 or 6 operator companies.

Whether 6 operators or over 1,000 nationally, DGS CANADA arranges the highest level of training on-site at client facilities National training standards ensure that operators from Vancouver, BC to Halifax, Nova Scotia, all receive top quality, uniform training, as demanded by government and industry.

DGS CANADA authorized certificate programs train applicants professionally and at low cost. Their certificates are recognized by industry across Canada. We train applicants funded by all levels of government as well as referrals from WCB WorkSafe BC, the Movie Industry, and many others, at fair, competitive pricing. Special subsidized reduced pricing for some ForkLift courses only, is available for: Aboriginal Applicants, and Young Canadians (17-19). 

Whether on-site corporate training, or classroom training at their Surrey Head Office, it seems this Trade School has a great deal to offer