How to arrive at DGS Canada?

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Question 1: What are the basic pre-requisites for attending Operator Equipment Driving classes ?

Answer: You should be 17 and up, in good health, have good vision. Glasses are acceptable,and you should be able to understand simple English, and have one of the following: a drivers licence, Provincial Photo ID, Federal Photo ID, Passport, or other acceptable Photo ID. You must be Canadian , or have Landed Immigrant Status, and you must be able to legally undertake a course of Education in Canada.

Question 2: Do I have to pay in advance of the course ?

Answer: No. You only have to pay on the day of the course. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Interac/Debit Card, or Cash.

Question 3: What happens if I fail a course ?

Answer: DGS CANADA allows you to re-test again, not just once, but unlimited times until you pass . There is no extra fee.

Question 4 : My English is poor. Can I get extra help ?

Answer: Just explain to the instructor, that your English is poor, and he or she will spend extra time with you. We have successfully graduated students who’s mother tongue is Punjabi, Hindi, Urdhu, Chinese, Russian, Farsi, French, German, Polish, and many other foreign languages. We have Forklift manuals in Chinese as well as Russian, and plan on adding more as it becomes practical.

Question 5 : Can you help me with my resume and give me advice on seeking employment?

Answer: If you require, we will re-write your resume absolutely free, and schedule a job search tip discussion. As a DGS Canada graduate student, you may ask for this free assistance as long as we can help you.

Question 6: I am the general manager of a large company. Can you train my people on site?

Answer: Yes. We will train your people at your location, on your equipment. We can also train and certify to uniform standards at all branches across Canada, except Quebec.